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Located in the Catskill Mountains, this land was recognized by indigenous peoples over a century ago as a place of healing. Come experience the natural world from a place of heart and connection.   Learn more »
"The teachings are for all, not just for Indians...The white people never wanted to learn before...Now they have a different understanding, and they do want to learn. We are all children of God. The tradition is open to anyone who wants to learn. But who really wants to learn?"   —Don Jose Matsuwa, Huichol, 1989   Learn more »
I do not think the measure of a civilization is how tall its buildings of concrete are, But rather how well its people have learned to relate to their environment and fellow man.   —Sun Bear of the Chippewa Tribe   Learn more »

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Posted June 24, 2014

"The Home Project is about making a good home for ancient wisdom traditions and the ancient wisdom keepers, who are the holders of those traditions. These traditions were given to our ancestors and have helped us get along with the world, have a good life, survive, and thrive, down to the many, many, many years of hard times, and better times. Under today’s conditions, some of these traditional teachings and practices don’t really have a home anymore. That’s not a very good situation. Not for the tradition holders, or for the people who could benefit from having contact with those traditional teachings and practices, which are just as relevant today as they ever were."

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Posted May 12, 2014

What is the active ingredient in plant spirit medicine? Eliot Cowan tells us that the answer is friendship. In this edition of Insights at the Edge, the author of Plant Spirit Medicine speaks with Tami Simon about engaging in a friendship with plant spirits, and compares the act of connecting with plant spirits in your local area versus working with the spirits of plants from distant places. Tami and Eliot also discuss “great teacher plants”. (73 minutes)

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"... healing is quite mysterious. If we can say it’s about anything, it’s about balance and restoring balance. But that raises the question of, “Balance with what?”

One way of answering that is to say that everything that gave us our life in the first place —and maintains and nourishes and sustains our life—is present and came from what we call “the natural world.” Or simply nature. That’s what we’re made of, and that’s what sustains our lives. So, to be in good health is to be in balance with those forces that create and sustain the natural world."

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Posted March 21, 2014

Introductory Webinar with Thomas Jaggers and Colette Ruoff

As an introduction to the 5-day leadership training we are offering at the Blue Deer Center in October, 2014, we invite you to participate in this one-hour webinar in which we will explore the following ideas:

  • How is our understanding of Leadership changing in response to the complexities, challenges and opportunities of our society and culture?
  • How can we balance masculine qualities and capacities of action, assertiveness and decisiveness with feminine qualities and capacities of listening, caring and collaborating?
  • What is the 'Shadow of Leadership' and why is it important?

Monday, 9/8/14 7 pm, EDT

Sunday, 9/28/14, 7 pm, EDT
Webinar fee: only $20 (you will receive a coupon for $20 off the 5 day Personal Leadership Training, so it's free if you take the training!)

Personal Leadership Training

This 5-day training will be a transformational journey into learning and leadership that combines a profound quality of Being with the ability to move into compassionate and powerful action.

Now more than ever, our leadership in the world has to be grounded in a deep connection with our own hearts, with each other, and with the natural world in which we live. This training is founded upon an awareness and knowledge of self; moves into a skillful understanding of and capacity to work with groups and group dynamics; and finally provides an overview of the many invisible systems and structures in our society and culture within which we have to work. Within this movement from the I to the We to the It, each level of awareness builds upon the other, and together create the holistic vision necessary for compassionate, transformational leadership.

The training will include experiential exercises as well as discussions and theoretical study, non-strenuous physical and somatic work, and creative and contemplative exercises in which we look to our own experience to help guide our learning and insight.


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