Volunteer Opportunites at the Blue Deer Center

What kinds of projects can I get involved in?

Each of our departments – Marketing, Fundraising, Programs, Center Operations, and Administration are always seeking individuals who have experience or interest in everything from distributing flyers, helping in the research of grants, assisting in coordinating volunteer programs, volunteering on the land to support programs and annual fundraisers, or taking part in specific landscaping/gardening projects or maintenance/repair projects throughout the season.

Is there a work exchange program?

Currently we do not offer a work exchange program. However, many of our volunteers recognize the inherent value of visiting the land and supporting others who are attending the programs here. For some of the volunteer opportunities, room and board are given in exchange for this support.

How much time would I have to commit and
do I need any “special skills”?

Our volunteer opportunities range widely in terms of time commitment and skills. For specific information about how you can become more involved, contact us via email or phone to further discuss the opportunities most exciting and appropriate for you and how we might accommodate your schedule.

Why is volunteering vital to the Center?

As a nonprofit enterprise, the Center relies on grants and donations to keep it going. A strong volunteer base of individuals committed to our mission shows potential donors and grant providers that we are committed to our work here. As a volunteer, the work that you do enhances the quality and depth of peoples’ experiences here and inspires them to return to the land to do the same for others.

What do I gain from volunteering?

Many people who come to this land discover in it a “home away from home.” Bonds are shared, relationships are developed, and the nooks, crannies, fields, and river become an intrinsic part of the experience that you carry back to your every day life. Past volunteers have spoken of their time in service to the land and programs as an opportunity to slow down and to reconnect with themselves and others. By volunteering at the Center you stand behind our mission, and join a community of others who are committed to this work. Through your commitment, this palpable connection of shared intentions returns to you many times over in innumerable and immeasurable ways.

How do I get started?

Two times a year the Center hosts special volunteer work weekends that serve to bring people together to reconnect with the land and with each other. These weekends remind us that the Blue Deer Center is home for many individuals throughout the season and that our participation helps to make this happen. Registration for these events can be found in the Events section of our website. To learn more about other volunteer opportunities beyond the Work Weekend and how you might best offer your volunteer skills, please begin by contacting us at volunteers [at] bluedeer [dot] org, or by calling 845.586.3225 x305.