Resident Healers

The Blue Deer Center is pleased to offer the healing help of two resident healers (shamans)

By Appointment.

Dan Sprinkles and Annie Eagan have both completed 6-year apprenticeships and are initiated Marakames, or shamans, in the ancient, ancestral tradition of the Huichols of the Mexican Sierras. Additionally, they were initiated eight years ago in the Nahua shamanic tradition as Weather Workers. Through these two lineages they are able to offer deep shamanic healing for those in need. Dan has also been a life coach for many years and offers a unique program designed to enter a more appropriate relationship with the mind. It is called, "The Enemies of Learning." For the last eleven years, Annie has been providing healing help to humans and animals with Plant Spirit Medicine. Through their Weather Working lineage and training, they are both able to offer healing sweat lodges called Temazcals, in the ancestral Nahua tradition.

Please contact them directly to set up appointments:

Dan Sprinkles at dansprinkles [at] gmail [dot] com or 845-613-0483
Annie Eagan at eagannie [at] gmail [dot] com or 845-613-0483

To really benefit from the beautiful, healing land of the Blue Deer Center, we encourage our clients from out of town to spend a night at the BDC. Please call them to make a reservation at: 845-586-3225.