Our Mission

The Blue Deer Center is an important home for the teachings and practices of Heart -- those ancestral traditions of healing, ritual and retreat which restore connection to self, community and the Natural World.

The Center is supported by the living spirit of our land, nourished by the tradition of the Huichol people, and guided by the timeless wisdom of Sacred Fire.

As political and economic systems grow more fragile, more violent, and less able to fulfill human needs… As plant and animal species sicken and vanish… As clean water and air become distant memories… As soil erodes… As fisheries collapse… As human overpopulation accelerates… As earth, sea, and weather rage in protest… As the ecosystem lurches toward breakdown…

The Blue Deer Center declares there is a way for human life to continue and flourish. It is to remember:

-The natural world is sacred. It is alive, aware, wise.

-We depend on the natural world for food, water, air, shelter, fuel, and fire.

-We depend on the natural world also for our sense of where we are, who we are, and what there is to do.

-We humans are part of the natural world. It will provide for us if we are in balanced relationship with it.

-To be in balanced relationship with the natural world we must know and respect its sacredness.

At the beginnings of humanity our ancestors were given traditional teachings and practices to keep us in good relationship to the divine natural world. These traditions provide not merely survival, but rather a rich, joyous, connected life for ourselves and countless generations of our descendants. Traditional teachings and practices are every bit as practical now as in the past. The Blue Deer Center is a sacred place and a sacred mission to make the teachings and practices of the ancestors available today.