The School of Plant Spirit Medicine

We have exciting news!

We are so deeply moved by the changes and growth that are happening at Blue Deer, we want to share them with you!

Over the past year, members of Blue Deer Center’s Board of Directors, Blue Deer Executive Director and the PSM Administrative Director have been meeting with the faculty of Plant Spirit Medicine to develop a collaborative plan to preserve, sustain, and grow Plant Spirit Medicine.
In August, this dedicated team met at Blue Deer Center to bring together all the planning that had been done. In the presence of Fire, we were shown that we should take the work that we were doing together and re-frame our offering as the School of Plant Spirit Medicine at Blue Deer Center! 

In a moment, this direction expanded the Center’s mission and strengthened its foundation. It helped us to see that the Center would still support Ancestral Traditions. Its Ancient Wisdom programs will continue to touch people with life-changing experiences. Beyond a healing retreat center, Blue Deer will be The School of Plant Spirit Medicine- a prestigious institution of learning for those who will become Plant Spirit Medicine healers and teachers. As in other schools, the faculty will be in charge of curriculum, research and teaching, leaving all the administrative functions to the School. Satellite classes in the United States of America and United Kingdom and new teachers will make the medicine more available. A precious way of spiritual healing that will help people for generations to come.
pulse taking at Blue DeerThis new emphasis, along with the continued work exploring and promoting Ancestral Wisdom Traditions, will help Blue Deer Center expand its credibility, outreach and networking, resources, and mission.

Many activities will be un-folding in the coming years to support the next steps in this maturation process. For example, there is a site planning committee who has started to 'feel into' the importance of the land and Saskawhihiwine (river) as a campus. Currently, Blue Deer Center is working closely with the faculty to expand the delivery of Plant Spirit Medicine throughout the world.
We would like to welcome you to the School of Plant Spirit Medicine. We hope these new developments excite you and we look forward to sharing this new vision with you as it unfolds.

On behalf of the School of Plant Spirit Medicine Leadership Council:
Amanda Kerner, Patrick Hanaway, Eliot Cowan, Alison Gayek, Mark Gionfriddo, Jeff Bartlett