Prosperity: Having What We Need

We invite you to join us in Prosperity: Having What We Need on June 23rd, 2017.

The new moon of this planting season is drawing near and once again Blue Deer Center has been given the opportunity to participate in a prosperity ritual along with the company of our two sister Sacred Fire organizations (Sacred Fire Foundation and Sacred Fire Community) and two traditional medicine path groups (Huichol and Nahuatl) to help bring forth the gifts of these places, organizations and paths to serve our people.

The Prosperity Ritual engages specific spiritual energies, elements and prayers to bring forth abundance. It is centered around the corn cycle, including the planting, germinating, tending and harvesting of corn, followed by a celebratory community feast, the saving of seed and the sharing of seed with another.

Board member Dan Sprinkles will represent us and Blue Deer Center at this year’s ritual planting. We say US because, each of us is part of Blue Deer Center.  Whether you’ve offered your time and talent, attended a course, received healing, or contributed financially: you have been touched by the center and the center has been touched by you.  Prosperity for the center means abundance for all of us and by abundance, we mean – having enough, having what we need.

As we deepen our relationship with prosperity, we invite YOU to join US for this fourth cycle of ritual which will take place at Casa Xiuhtecuhtli in Tepotzlan, Mexico. 

●      The planting will occur on the new moon - June 23; a time of new beginnings, birth and possibilities.

●      The harvest will occur on the full moon, in October or November; a time to give, feast and celebrate in gratitude for what we receive; together in community.

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               The Milpa(field) at Casa Xiutechutli,                                                            Blue Deer’s Chairman of the Board, 
                   Tepoztlan, Mexico                                                                                             Patrick Hanaway offering prayers

You are invited to attend and participate in this years’ prosperity ritual. If you aren’t able join us in person, you can still support and connect with the ritual in spirit by lighting a fire or candle on June 23rd and ask Fire to be the conduit for your intention and prayers in support of Blue Deer and what it has awakened in you. 

This year Dan, on behalf of Blue Deer Center will be asking for:

Alignment in all our relationships.
That we have continued growth and learning in fulfilling our mission, vision, and embodying our values.
For abundance of human and financial resources so that we may share this beautiful medicine with all people.

The preparation and planting will take place at Noon CDT on June 23rd.  We who experience Blue Deer as a place in the Catskills Mountains as well as sacred place that dwells in our heart, live all around the world.

Let’s join together for a moment, light a candle or fire and be present at Noon CDT.

Which for you might be:

●      10am PST
●      1pm EST
●      5pm GMT
●      6 pm BST/IST
●      7 pm CEST
●      2:30 am Sunday June 4 ACST for our Friends in the Northern Territory in Australia. 

Let’s come together and tend prosperity that we may have what we need so that the cycle of giving and receiving may continue for the next generations.

“The very nature of this prosperity ritual creates opportunities, raises questions, and invites reflection and brings forth an abundance of experiences related to prosperity.”

There is value in simply reflecting on the nature of prosperity and sharing our experiences. What is abundance? Do you have insights about the nature of prosperity? Or the nature of giving? Is it already present and simply waiting to be recognized?  Do you have a seed idea that can grow or nourish our local community?  Do you have a story of prosperity that you’d like to share?