Blue Deer Always Works its Magic on Me

Please take a moment to read this story of transformation and healing…

“For the past dozen years I find myself at the Center at least once or twice each year. I have come for a variety of events, each one with its own focus and purpose. As time has gone by, I have begun to discover something profound about my time at the Center, a deep undercurrent that connects all of the disparate experiences. That deeper reality is the spirit of the land itself. I have noticed that my connection to this place and its effect on me have gotten consistently stronger.

With each visit the same pattern plays out again and again: I arrive after a long drive and the energy of the land meets my energy, and then I realize that I am moving at a pace that is too fast for me to be in connection to this place, and it begins to slow, slow, slow me down. Within a day of arrival, I will be moving at a gentler pace where I can watch, listen and learn. No matter what it is that brings me to the Blue Deer Center, it always works its magic on me.

What is it about a place, a piece of land with a river flowing through it, that can have this kind of effect on a person? The story of the land itself is a beautiful testament to the spirit of this place, a place of healing and conflict resolution. Add to that the years of dedication, service and intense work done by so many in our community, and it starts to make sense. In my own journey I have seen again and again that the healing presence of the land has pointed to the places of conflict within myself, and shown me what I need to see to bring resolution and healing. The river sings its song continually and never fails to tell me what I need to hear.

This sacred place and its ancestral healing medicine is present for all of us”

Chris Griffin
Wilton, New Hampshire, USA

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