A Letter from our Founder

Dear Friend,

A few years ago I found myself in a large university medical school, standing outside the office of a professor of pharmacy. The professor had invited me to make a presentation about Plant Spirit Medicine, but we had not yet met. I knocked on his door. Greeting me with a smile and a gracious gesture, he invited me in and offered me a seat. After some polite introductions, we began to chat about our common interest in the medicinal plants of Mexico.

Suddenly he changed the subject.

"I developed a formula for washing chickens," he said.
"For washing chickens?" I asked.
"Yes," he said. "After the chickens are butchered they need to be disinfected so they are safe for human consumption."
"Mm-hm," I replied.
"It took me ten years of spare time to perfect the formula."
"Ten years!" I said.
"Yes, and last year the University got over two hundred thousand dollars in royalties from it!"
"That’s a lot of chicken wash! " I said.
The professor asked me, "Do you know what I learned from that?"
"Tell me; I'd be interested to know," I said.
"I learned it takes ten years to do anything," the professor said.

So here we are, at the tenth anniversary of the Blue Deer Center, and I'm recalling the words of the professor. Since it takes ten years to do anything, it's remarkable that so many things have been done in the short life of the Center.

We started with the sense of a compelling vision, but no money, no site and no experience. Nevertheless, we got to the business of finding and preparing the Center. Funds were raised, the blessed site was purchased and renovated, staff were hired and volunteers offered their help. Then, ten years ago, opening day arrived. We declared to the world, "We are here to create a home for ancestral wisdom, and we are part of Sacred Fire." No other retreat center has ever made that declaration.

Without models to guide or restrict us, we have been exploring many things, like how to reach those who yearn for what we offer. We have more to learn, but in ten short years the Center has already borne beautiful fruits. Ancient wisdom is blessing those who attend programs here, and the Huichol Art Project supports an indigenous people who maintain the ancient wisdom ways.

What accounts for our success? I say it is you, who love Blue Deer Center, a home for ancient wisdom. You, who support it. You, who know the world needs us and this place, the world is ready for us, and the world will give us even more success in the next ten years!

2015 has been a very full beginning to our 10th year…we have seen many things begin to take hold. Adding staff to better serve our guests and teachers, taking care of our sacred land and river. Providing more maintenance for our infrastructure. This can only continue to happen if we reach our annual campaign goal of $303,000 by December 31st. We have already raised $165,625.00 toward our goal. We invite you to join us in supporting this beautiful Home for Ancestral Wisdom for the next 10 years and generations to come!

Your support is a blessing. Please go to www.bluedeer.org/give or send a check to Blue Deer Center, PO Box 905, Margaretville, NY 1455. Make checks payable to Blue Deer Center.


Eliot Cowan

Founder and Director Emeritus
Blue Deer Center