Can you find it in your generous heart to help Blue Deer Center deliver deep Life-changing experiences to more people?

We find ourselves in a cultural moment of high anxiety that stems from separation and divisiveness. The timeless wisdom of ancestral tradition has never felt more necessary.

Join us in bringing forth our vision of a better future for our people, a future of connection with the natural world and the ancestral traditions that have sustained humans for thousand of years.

Click below to donate to our 2020 VISION campaign:

Now, more than ever, your donation is needed. Our 2020 VISION Campaign is focused on raising one million dollars in the next six months. This goal will allow Blue Deer

  • to provide an equitable and sustainable exchange for our valuable staff
  • to bring bring more programs from Sacred Fire,
  • to build awareness of Nature and Plant Spirit Medicine,
  • to host more Elders from around the world (in cooperation with our colleagues at the Sacred Fire Foundation),
  • to build a Mohawk ancestral altar,
  • to build our Fire Pavilion,
  • and to finalize our Facilities Master Plan.

These gifts are meant to serve more people in this time when they are critically needed. Thank you for helping us make this possible with your generous heart.

Please know that as a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit organization all our programs, small and large, are subsidized by our donors.