Connected in Common Purpose...A Home for Ancestral Wisdom

As we gather together with friends and family this holiday season, feeling gratitude for our relationship with the earth and each other, I am writing to thank you for your support and to share what has been building at Blue Deer over the past year:

  • You may know that Blue Deer is located on traditional Mohawk land. This year, two Mohawk elders—Diane Longboat and Gail Whitlow—visited and shared their wisdom. Under the guidance of Gail Whitlow, we will be building a Mohawk altar at Blue Deer, allowing us to connect with and honor the ancestors of this vibrant land. Stay tuned for more information about the Spring and Fall Equinox rituals!

  • We are deep in a strategic planning process, supported by a generous donor. The process, in alignment with Grandfather Fire’s Great Endeavor, Sacred Fire, is built on a foundation of your support during the first 15 years of Blue Deer’s life.

  • Our activities in support of Plant Spirit Medicine have grown and stabilized, creating fertile ground for new life to grow. We currently have 3 ongoing classes: one in the United Kingdom, one in Charlotte, North Carolina and one at Blue Deer. There are 24 students enrolled along with 3 student-teachers currently in training. We are also beginning a fourth class in Santa Cruz, California in May 2018.

We continue to exist and expand, in large part, because of your donations. Your offerings support programs, staff and facilities. I ask you to join me at this special time of year by giving generously to Blue Deer.

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Patrick Hanaway
Blue Deer

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The Blue Deer Center is a 501c(3) non-profit organization.