June 17 – 19, 2011

"Ubuntu Ubunzulu" - The Depth of Humanity

A Xhosa Sangoma Medicine Workshop with Ancestral Blessing & Purification


“New scientific research suggests we’re all descended from one small African tribe who crossed the Red Sea and began to populate the rest of the world. It’s uplifting to feel that in this sense we all have Africa in our blood, we all have ancient African ancestors, and we all long to sing the same song…”

Participants will be guided along an ancient path of reconnecting with their ancestors using medicinal plants, prayer, intention, rhythm and dancing. Sacred Xhosa Sangoma songs or Ingomas will help people to reconnect with themselves, nature and their community in order to realize their intrinsic Ubuntu – “humanity”. In the Xhosa and Zulu languages Izinyanya means ancestors, literally our blood ancestors. It also means “the silent hidden ones”, which encompasses the spiritual forces of nature.

This workshop will engage participants in an ancestral blessing/purification using medicinal plants. For many people in Xhosa culture and elsewhere in Southern Africa this is a form of initiation into the world of the “Ancestors”. It is treated as highly sacred. It is a Khanya umsebenze workshop, meaning ”the shining work”. In Xhosa/Zulu culture all ancestral ceremonies are called umsebenze, meaning “spiritual work”.

Once participants have signed up for the workshop, the journey to their ancestors will begin. All participants will be required to wear white during the workshops, as white is the color of dignity representing our Ancestors & the Great Spirit, uThixo. And all participants are required to work on themselves. It is advisable for all participants to keep a journal where they record their dreams, and where they write down the ways in which they can honor the blood in their veins. If they have old family hurts which are preventing them from honoring their ancestors, then one must write down all of this: hurts, pain, love, excitement. Everything. For this Ubuntu journey is about FEELING the full spectrum of what it means to be human.

Participants will learn:

  • The ‘heartbeat’ meditation and how to feel their own spirits
  • Dreaming and how to distinguish between truth or white/prophetic dreams and ordinary dreams
  • A sense of community and working together to reclaim our natural ‘ubuntu’ (humanity), for traditional man knew where they fitted in, they knew that in order to survive they had to help one another and also nature around them.


Details & Pricing

Due to the sacred nature of the work involved, this workshop is not recommended for spiritual tourists or people looking for interesting rhythms, colors or smells. It is only open to those who are very serious about reconnecting with their ancestors and ancestral ways of plant work, dreaming, meditation, etc.

Cost: $395 ($435 after 5/27/11)

Registration for this event has been extended until Tuesday, June 14th!!

If program registration has closed, please contact Linda Felch <lindafelch@bluedeer.org> for possible late registration.

The program will begin at dinner on June 17th, and end after lunch on June 19th