June 23 – 30, 2019

Connect with the Plants to Help the Medicine You Love

A webinar series for graduates of the Plant Spirit Medicine Healer Training

Blue Deer is committed to raising awareness around Plant Spirit Medicine (PSM) so that more people can experience the healing that plants have for us. Our minds have lots of ideas, but we would also like to try something a little different. We want our plant friends to help us consider the best ways to raise awareness. Join us in this community effort to listen to what they have for us.

As we begin to re-imagine how to make it possible for more humans to be touched by the plant spirits, it seems natural that we, as a community, would ask the plants for guidance.

Blue Deer Center and the Plant Spirit Medicine Association (PSMA) are jointly sponsoring a two-part webinar series for the PSM community to journey to the plants (one that calls you), share those journeys together and in a subsequent webinar, work to integrate the plant advice. Linda Felch, PSMA President, and Karen Milgate, Administrator for PSM, will co-facilitate both webinars. Six CEUs will be offered (3 for each, including the background work).

Look for a reminder and more details in future e-mails, but sign up now to receive further instructions and the call-in information!

Details & Pricing

Register by clicking on the REGISTER button above for the webinarseries (cost $25). You will receive instructions for signing up with GoToWebinar so you can call in or use your computer. Mark the dates (June 23 & 30, at 3 pm EDT) on your calendar.
Second, journey with a plant around the question: What do the plants have to tell us about what is needed to raise awareness around the medicine? Send in your written summary of your plant journey. 
Third, show up to the first webinar (June 23) where we will listen to as many journeys as possible. A compilation of written summaries and sharings will be sent out after this webinar.
Fourth, show up to the second webinar (June 30) ready to discuss what we have learned from the plant journeys.