June 1 – 3, 2018

Plant Cognition

The Seeds of Seeing

with Paco Calvo

Through learning to observe plant behavior to the naked eye, we not only become better connoisseurs of plant life, we're also better intro-spectors on the lessons for our own cognition, in our own work, love and play. Understanding plants can allow us to better appraise our own mentality and future. Neither plants nor animals are computational machines. The lessons we learn are for both plants and ourselves. 

Plant Pioneers and the Blue Deer Center are thrilled to announce the sponsorship of Professor Paco Calvo, Professor of Philosophy of Science from the University of Murcia, Spain. Join us for an amazing and enlightening weekend retreat June 1st- 3rd, 2018.

As Principal Investigator of the MINT Lab in Murcia Spain, Prof. Calvo will explore and weave information about his research and profound discoveries in plant cognition with a small group of participants. This immersive weekend of learning will take place on the sacred and beautiful grounds of Blue Deer Center in Margaretville, NY.

This is a weekend retreat is for traditional and non-traditional educators and those interested in bridging their work with Plant Intelligence and the cognitive sciences in their specific curriculums. This is not a lecture circuit. Paco is taking us into his field and understanding of how to know plants and is working from their point of view. He is asking us to think outside the box by considering a plant's point of view. We believe this furthers our roots to speak for the Nature that surrounds us and helps us help others develop skills to better understand the plant realm. Guided by Paco, we'll use hands-on approaches to explore and experience plant sentience. Through these experiences, it is hoped we can refashion our attitudes, beliefs and actions about plants; thereby improving ourselves, we gain new skills to speak for plants in a deeper more meaningful way.

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Plant Pioneers is a human-plant relations movement. Our mission is to demonstrate plants are communicating with us. We believe, as we open our various channels of listening, our entire life becomes a participatory landscape of exchanges in reciprocal dignity, integrity and respect. We become not only stewards towards an environmental justice, we become stewards for the wellness and justice of the whole.


Paco Calvo

Paco Calvo's main area of research is the philosophy of cognitive science. He is a co-editor of The Handbook of Cognitive Science: An Embodied Approach (Elsevier, 2008), The Routledge Companion to Philosophy of Psychology (Routledge, 2009), and The Architecture of Cognition (MIT Press, 2014).

Details & Pricing


• Weekend Workshop
   $230 / person for the weekend.
• Room and 5 meals at the Blue Deer Center
   $225 / person for the weekend.

(overview of weekend, plus couple of thought experiments to warm up with, comments on how to avoid anthropocentric biases).

9:00 to 10:00
(Plant behavior as adaptive, flexible, anticipatory, and intentional or goal-directed behavior)
Examples of plant intelligence.
10:30 to 12:30
ECOLOGICAL PLANT PSYCHOLOGY Direct Perceptions - plants and people; Affordances - what are 'objects of possibilities
THE SEEDS OF SEEING Survey of the ecological psychology paradigm directly applied to plants.
Celebrations of Knowing 

9:00am to 12:00pm
(Subjective Awareness - mental states. 
How can we support plants in the quest of plant science research to better understand our human plant relationships?)