June 8 – 12, 2018

Healing Treatments with Eliot Cowan

Three days of traditional Huichol healing sessions 

at Penquoit Centre, Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK

with Eliot Cowan 

A series of healing sessions over three days, arriving on 8th June in the early evening around 5pm and departing on 12th June in the morning, the sessions will be held at Penquoit Centre in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

Through Eliot Cowan’s authentic training and apprenticeship with Huichol Indian shaman don Guadalupe Gonzalez Rios, you will discover that the medicine of the old cultures runs deep and exerts a powerful effect.

Eliot Cowan, is a fully initiated Tsaurirrikame (Huichol shaman). Over the years he has gathered extensive experience working with the full spectrum of life events from birth to death.

Your stay includes daily private sessions with Eliot, time for contemplation and reflection, gathering in community around the warmth of the fire, and opportunities to connect with the natural world.

The retreat provides a rare opportunity to experience a temporary village created for the express purpose of bringing Huichol healing to you, because living even briefly within a healthy community contributes to your well-being.

"I feel WELL. I haven’t felt this way since I was, well probably since I was a kid. But emotionally I feel better than that. It is so much easier to operate without the weight of all that emotional pain…Thank you so much!!!”

"After the series of treatments with Eliot I felt so whole, at peace and full of energy!"

As spaces are limited for these sessions early registration is highly recommended.


Eliot Cowan

Mr. Cowan is best known for making accessible two treasures: the indigenous Huichol shamanistic tradition of Mexico and an approach to deep healing with the spirits of plants.

Details & Pricing


$690 US Dollars (approximately equivalent to £495 GBP) non-refundable registration fee payable immediately to secure your place online via the Blue Deer Center website (please click the REGISTER button above).


Balance £265 payable in full by 08 May via bank transfer to Jeff Bartlett (details provided upon registration). 

Please contact Jeff Bartlett jeffbartlett@bluedeer.org with your questions.