January 26, 2018

The Healing Power of Plant Spirits

A Talk with Eliot Cowan in Santa Monica, CA

with Eliot Cowan

Whether you live in a mountain cabin or a city loft, the healing power of plants – not merely their physical medicinal properties – offer us the gifts of a deeper wisdom to resolve challenges in our own healing journey and restore balance. This is Plant Spirit Medicine; an ancient medicine that produces healing purely through good relationship with the natural world. Plant Spirit Medicine gives paramount importance to the spirit, the mysterious core of our lives. This mysterious healing weaves into our relationships with ourselves, our loved ones, community, ancestors, worldview and the forces of the divine natural world.

When your heart is touched by the medicine of a plant spirit, you feel the love and wisdom of the natural world which brings about balance. When balance is achieved, symptoms will disappear and harmony is restored. We all yearn to be free of illness. And we long to feel connected… to our spirit, to each other and to the natural world. Might it not be worthwhile to consider and re-connect to our relationships with Plants?


Eliot Cowan

Mr. Cowan is best known for making accessible two treasures: the indigenous Huichol shamanistic tradition of Mexico and an approach to deep healing with the spirits of plants.

Details & Pricing

7 pm to 9 pm
Please arrive by 6:45 to check-in.

Cost: $25
Early Bird price before December 22: $20

Please reserve your spot by registering. 

Location: Santa Monica Yoga Studio, 1640 Ocean Park Blvd., Santa Monica, Ca  90405
For directions or questions about the venue, please see santamonicayoga.com or call 310.396.4040

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