October 1, 2017

Tenth Annual Harvest Festival

A Nahua Weather Working Tradition of Gratitude, Offerings and Celebration.
Join us in a ceremony of thanksgiving and celebration to honor the bounty of the harvest. In giving thanks to the Weather Beings for the beneficial rains and snows that blessed our area in this last year, we realign ourselves with the natural forces that provide life. The rain, clouds, wind, sun, thunder and lightning all work together to bring us the moisture that waters our crops and replenishes our lives. Without rain, we are dust. With too much rain, the crops are flooded. Our mission is to foster a relationship with the Weather Beings who provide nourishing rains for all living things. Let us celebrate the abundance and connect with Divine by expressing our gratitude for all of our blessings. Led by four initiated Weather Workers in Nahua tradition, we offer this ceremony as a simple but powerful event of connection and gratitude.

Details & Pricing

To Participate in the Ceremony:
Please bring:
One small bag of colorful, sweet fruit
One bunch of colorful, fragrant flowers
One piece plain bread and one piece sweet bread
Also, please bring your favorite dish to share for the potluck meal
The ceremony starts promptly at 2pm

All are Welcome.
Women are asked to wear skirts or dresses
Men are asked to wear pants (not shorts)
All clothing should be colorful (no black please)
Join community in creating a bountiful altar of all our offerings to give thanks for this years wondrous harvest!

Specialty Sacred Fire to follow for ceremony participants

For more information please call Dan at 845-810-0200