Upcoming Events

June 9, 2019

Join us to explore and experience this beuatiful medicine with Eliot Cowan, author of Plant Spirit Medicine and Pip Waller and Lucy Wells, co-authors of Touched by Nature and many more Plant Spirit Medicine Healers from around the UK and beyond... Read more

June 26 – July 1, 2019

Wisdom of the Divine Natural World

Plant Spirit Medicine as Spiritual Exploration and Discovery

with Eliot Cowan

Since the beginning of time, shamans looked to nature to understand the realms of wisdom and healing.... Read more

July 26 – 31, 2019

Summer Healing Camp

Five Days of Traditional Huichol Shamanic Healing

with Eliot Cowan

We all yearn to be free of illness. And we long to feel connected… to our spirit, to each other and to the natural world, yet how often do we give ourselves time to nurture that heartfelt yearning? Our lives have become so busy and stressful!... Read more