Monthly Community Fires, Men's Fires and Women's Fires adjacent to the BDC With Dan Sprinkles and Annie Eagan

Flickering firelight, the smell of smoke, the sound of laughter, songs and stories...People have been sitting around the fire for hundreds of thousands of years. The fire provides protection, warmth and a place for us to connect with one another and share our common human experience. At the heart of the Blue Deer Center is the fire - the fire of our hearts, the fire of transformation, and the fire burning at the core of all ancestral traditions. Dan Sprinkles and Annie Eagan, our resident shamans and both initiated Fire Keepers of the Sacred Fire Community, offer monthly community sacred fires. Held at their home, adjacent to the grounds of the Center (contact them at their email below for directions), the fires are usually held on the 3rd Saturday of the month. All are welcome. Potluck suppers often precede the fire when we share good food and good company with new friends and old. Dan and Annie also host men's and women's fires frequently.

Cost: Free


90 Smith Road

Margaretville, NY 12455

Hosts: Annie Eagain & Dan Sprinkles -- Firekeepers, Marakames, Graniceros

Please contact them directly for directions, more information, and to get on their email list for upcoming fires at: dansprinkles [at] gmail [dot] com

Please visit the Sacred Fire Community's website to learn more about community fires all around the world: