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Posted November 19, 2012

In this retreat, Eda will engage participants in rituals and ceremonies designed to initiate a deep personal purification process that will help guide people into a close connection with the spirits of plants from the Amazonian rainforest, with whom she has an ongoing deep relationship.

In order to get the most benefit from what her plant medicine has to offer, attendees will eat a very simple diet and drink the herbal teas that Eda will provide for very deep cleansing and purification. This will be a time for retreat and inner reflection in a setting that supports this healing process.

Participants will be guided by Ms. Zavala Lopez on an individual basis through out the retreat. She will be meeting with participants privately on a regular basis to support each one in their healing process. This is a unique opportunity to experience in a supportive setting the gifts of the Amazon plants and the healing capacity of a Peruvian curandera. In a recent interview with Ms. Lopez she shared that this is a time to keep things simple. When she is in the jungle with her elders things are very simple and that is when one begins to open up to another way of being and seeing. This is Earth medicine – a time for nurturing.

Eda Zavala Lopez comes from a long lineage of native women healers. A descendant of the Wari people she describes her knowledge of healing practices as being a part of her DNA. Her grandmother used plant medicines in a very natural way and Eda absorbed this directly and simply. She went on to study with native healers deep in the forest learning the intricacies of plant medicines and their properties from healers and the plants themselves.

To read an interview with Eda Zavala Lopez by Eliot Cowan, please click here.

For more information about Eda and her work, please visit her website

Posted July 19, 2012

By Carla Leftwich

The evening breezes are cooler now but the light of the huge Harvest Moon is a magically ripe and warm golden orange. As the days grow shorter, the once seemingly endless expansion of Summer energy wanes and gives way to a sense of soft comfort and groundedness.

The Season of Late Summer calls us back into the arms of the Mother Earth where we can be held and fed and loved unconditionally. Rich soils warmed by Summer sun and kissed by gentle beneficial rains yield endless fields of ripe grains, mounds of knobby, hardy squashes, and orchards full of luscious soft yellow pears or crisp smooth apples. All needs are met by the rich, ripe colors and smells and textures and feelings of the season. There is a sense of being totally supported and secure. A great harvest is available for body and spirit. If we are able to receive, digest, and distribute the nourishment of the Earth Element, the Mother's love given in this season, we will be at home wherever we go, and that home will be abundant and full of peace.


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