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Posted June 24, 2011

Plant Spirit Plentiful:

Make Your Calling Your Career

The 7th Annual Plant Spirit Medicine Conference is only 3 weeks away. This year’s theme is about how to take your love of the medicine and make a living from it. Here is a sneak preview of the weekend’s line up.

*Eliot Cowan presents “Talking about Plant Spirit Medicine”

The practical magic of our medicine inspires people; it affirms what they know in their bones. They love hearing about it! And they love feeling your love and commitment. So giving talks is a good way to build your identity, build your practice, and help your community. If you are treating even two or three people, they want to hear about plant spirit medicine. And they have families and friends who are interested too. You already have a ready-made audience who likes to spread good news to others. This presentation will help you dissolve apprehension and shyness, so you can reach the many people who are, whether they know it or not, just waiting to hear from you!

*David Wiley presents “How to Make A Successful Full-Time PSM Business”

David recently spoke to a group of Marakames (healers in the Huichol tradition) and below are some quotes from people who benefited from his presentation.I recently had the opportunity to attend a practice enhancement class given by David Wiley in Mexico. His presentation was focused yet relaxed. The discussion was engaging and conversational. Participants were encouraged to share their stories and struggles so that the energies in the "field" were drawn out and we could all feel the broader challenges of presenting ourselves in the world as traditional healers. David emphasized the importance of “identity". That is to say to fully inhabit your role as a practitioner. To eliminate the sideshows and stand in the truth of the medicine you are offering and to put this out in the world in a direct and unambiguous way. No matter what your daily activity is remember your relationship to the medicine and be that in the world. He also offered practical insight into marketing, networking and community relationships to healers. His presentation is heartful, humorous and direct and I find the effects valuable in my work. Scott Sheerin, Marakame David Wiley’s workshop on practice building turned on the lights for me about what I was thinking about who I am and how I present myself in the world. Everything is simpler now. Karen Aberle, Marakame After sitting in on David Wiley’s workshop on practice building I found myself effortlessly making changes in how I present myself to my community as a Marakame. These were changes that I had been aware of needing to make for a long time and something in David’s presentation put the whole picture together in such a way that suddenly it all was very simple to do.Lena Hilton Marakame: Traditional healer and Ceremonial leader.

*Alison Gayek presents “Growing into Your Role as a Healer”

Alison has a successful business as a healer and has taught PSM with Eliot since 2002.

*Panel discussion led by Alan Kerner, Cheryl White and Jewell Greco.

These three panelists will share their stories and take questions concerning their thriving PSM businesses.

*Safia Johnson and Carla Leftwich will lead “An exercise – looking at an emotional map of your healing business”

*Lena Hilton, Marakame and PSM Healer, will lead us on a journey to our plant allies for guidance and wisdom.

We hope you will join us for this weekend of heart work so that you may fully bring your love of the plants and of the Plant Spirit Medicine into the world. To register go to: Questions or comments? Email psmconf2011 [at] gmail [dot] com, or call Conference Co-Chairs Carla Leftwich at(985) 789-8685 or Amy Haynes at (828) 230-7761.

Posted June 23, 2011

Given only a few sentences, I've been asked to tell you something about Eliot Cowan and the influence that he has had upon my life and the lives of others. How can one capture the essence of a true healer and communicate it in words?

When I met Eliot I would not be exaggerating to say that it transformed my life. In the truest sense of the word healing, he illuminated the direction that my life was pointing me, set me on the track and gently gave me a push with his feathers. He guided me to the place that my Heart has always been calling me, and when I listened, everything in my life blossomed. Time and time again people have told me stories of how they met Eliot and through his work, their lives were transformed for the better. Some have received profound physical and emotional healing. Others found themselves quenching a deep spiritual thirst for meaningful connection to Divine and to the path and purpose of their life. Many have discovered a profound and living relationship with plants and nature that informs them in their daily lives and in their healing work.

The month of July presents a wonderful opportunity to spend time with Eliot at Blue Deer Center experiencing the many forms of his teaching and healing work. Please consider joining us, and be transformed!

Keiko Cronin, Plant Spirit Medicine Healer

Posted April 7, 2011

Through our hands and our hearts, thirty people came together to discover what it means to be community,in relationship to the natural world, and in a place of selfless service. Our Spring Welcome Home Work Weekend was one of joy, laughter, nourishment, and love.

“I came to the Welcome Home Work Weekend with no expectations. During the ritual at the River I experienced a consolidation and culmination of all the healing I’ve received over the years from the Land, the River, from Eliot Cowan, from the Providers. With deep gratitude I realized that all of this healing had made it possible for me to be here at the work weekend, and in that moment I moved from being a recipient to being a giver, a steward of this land, these buildings, and this mission.”– Kateri McCue

Through our hands and our hearts, thirty people came together to discover what it means to be community,in relationship to the natural world, and in a place of selfless service. As the weather beings blessed us with snowflakes falling through sunlit fields, we raised our new tipi, cleaned the nooks and crannies of the buildings and yurt, and sorted wood and kindling. We cared for this land as our own home, a gesture of welcoming, love, and support for others who will find their way here, seeking their hearts. We were nurtured by foods that were skillfully and lovingly prepared by Maggie Starzyk and Forest Perrupato.

On Saturday afternoon, we moved into ritual, led by Dan Sprinkles and Annie Eagan, resident Marakames, and listened to the song of the river while sharing our gratitude for this sacred land. Later that evening, we came together for a consecrated fire, our hearts bursting with the fullness of our days.

The children who shared this weekend with us, were beings ofjoy and light. Not only did they participate in the work for the weekend, but they were also given a top secret mission to carry out – the creation of new markers for our river trail. On Sunday morning they presented their creations to the group, along with their blessings for the River.

Indeed, we are blessed to be able to share in a weekend such as this – one that carries the heart across the generations and reminds us what it is to live from a place of love, gratitude, and iyari. In the words of a wise young soul who spent the weekend with us – “may anyone who touches this land be blessed.” Your work this weekend will reverberate to the hearts of those who come to the land this year, helping to steward them to a place of wholeness and love. Thank you


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