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Posted August 9, 2011

The days are shorter now but the sun is still warm. The golden light reveals a world garden bursting with huge orange pumpkins and a magnificent variety of giant squashes. Old, gnarled trees offer limbs laden with luscious red and yellow apples. Fields of warm, golden wheat and tall sweet corn wave in the gentle breezes and reach with bursting stalks to touch the horizon.

It is harvest time. It is time to gather and store the food, the memories, the limitless motherly sympathy and love we require to see us through the fall and winter and early spring. It is time to work together in harmony as a family or community picking apples, and onions and squash and transporting them to where they need to be stored for colder, harsher days.

Receiving this cornucopia of rich colors, warm sounds, and ripe, fragrant smells grounds us in the Earth's garden. The abundant splendor of Late Summer's energy embraces us with the comforting arms of the Divine Mother and nourishes us with everything that we need for a peaceful body, mind and spirit.

Come and join us in a personal exploration of the Harvest Season August 19 - 21 at the Blue Deer Center. The plants are there and waiting to nourish us.

~ Carla Leftwich

Carla Leftwich & Safia Johnson will be teaching Introduction to Plant Spirit Medicine” August 19-21st.

Hear Safia Johnson talk about Plant Spirit Medicine on WIOX, recorded on July 21st.

Posted July 8, 2011

A Visit to the River: Saskawhihiwine

The River is the lifeblood of the Blue Deer Center. Watch this short video and hear her song, feel her open arms.


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