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Posted May 4, 2012

What does forming spirtual community in turbulent times mean for us as a culture and people? Do you see these times as “turbulent”? What are the signs of a “turbulent” time? And what role does “spiritual community” play in riding the rapids of the cultural river? Turbulence can be exciting, but also wearing on the soul when one seeks the placidity and serenity of a motionless lake. To strategize our cultural navigation, we need still moments in which to immerse ourselves in the spirit of togetherness.

When we set out into this rapid-paced world, we need each other’s support, and we need the support of the gods, spirits, and divine forces. This is the role of spiritual community. It connects us not only to each other, but to the Great Mystery that will guide us when we find ourselves in realms we may not want to be, or which we find uncomfortable. Sobonfu’s program will provide one of these still places before we set out down the river… or for when we resist and are flung into the rapids.

As an offer of gratitude to you and to all of our supporters over the years, as a gift toward building the kind of “beautiful” community we all yearn for, the Blue Deer Center will be offering our Fireball 2012 as a FREE event with a potluck smorgasbord. A main dish will be served, but we request you bring a side dish. AND… this is very important… even though this is a free event, we ask that you PLEASE register by clicking here. We will need to have an accurate count of the number of people attending in order to properly care for you.

Posted May 4, 2012

One function of an elder is to demonstrate the wisdom of our wisest elder: the natural world itself. I say 'demonstrate' because talk is not enough. I can say, 'The natural world sustains itself with balanced relationships, and it can also restore balance, healing and sustainability in human life.' This may sound appealing, but as an idea it is soon drowned out in the din of other ideas clamoring for attention. Even if you agree with it, nothing will have changed from thinking about it. An experience, on the other hand, can be denied and even forgotten, but it can not be un-experienced. Experience changes you forever.

When your heart is touched by the medicine of a plant spirit, you feel the love and wisdom of the natural world. Ideas do not deliver the same touch, therefore this is not a theoretical treatise nor a how-to manual. Mostly this is a book of stories, because stories aim for the heart, where experience lives.

Plant spirit medicine works partially because it has a broad perspective. It does not look only through the eyes of physics and chemistry; it sees human beings as expressions of divine natural forces. It plumbs the human mind and emotions. It gives paramount importance to spirit -- the mysterious core of our lives.

My apprenticeship, initiation, and work as a marakame, or shaman in the Huichol tradition, steeped me in a perspective larger yet than the one I had in 1991 [Eliot is referring to writing Plant Spirit Medicine]. This has enriched my approach and deepened my appreciation for the medicine of the plant spirits.

Posted April 23, 2012

Dear friend,

My colleagues, the good people of the Sacred Fire Community, are taking a stand for what they feel is deep-down important. I ask you to read this and reflect on it:

We stand for the sacred and interconnected nature of all life. By gathering in community and reestablishing our relationship with the living world, we end the isolation of modern culture and build lives of meaning and purpose.

Does this resonate with you? Could this be what you, too, stand for? If so, I invite you to join in with your declaration by clicking here. This is a simple, powerful act. It creates a field of vibrant, aligned human heart energy. The divine livingness of the world, so long ignored and desecrated by our people, will rejoice in that field and will respond by nourishing all of life.

If this declaration makes your heart sing, please forward this email to your friends and loved ones.

With respect and love,

Eliot Cowan


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